Women Investment Professionals: Empowering Aspiring Women

Value and Benefits

Sponsorship Benefits

Women Investment Professionals (WIP) Sponsorship helps your firm:

• Broaden pool of effective leaders
• Support current and potential employees with on-going career development
• Enhance cultural integration efforts and employee effectiveness
• Gain recognition & demonstrate support of diversity initiatives
• Expand recruitment avenues and retain key talent

Objective of WIP’s Sponsorship Program

To secure stable funding and foster partnerships with organizations that support diversity initiatives promoting the advancement, recruitment and retention of women in the investment industry and related fields.

WIP Mission Statement

Women Investment Professionals (WIP) is a professional women's organization that support women in the institutional investment community.  We accomplish this by providing educational programs, networking, and professional and personal development opportunities to our diverse membership.  Our core values are integrity and collaboration. 

Strategic Goals

• Promote professional networking and career development opportunities through our effective programs, depth and breadth of membership, and extensive relationships in the investment community
• Foster personal development through opportunities in leadership, mentoring, education, and philanthropy for women across varying investment professions and experience levels
• Provide high caliber education programs and access to pertinent resources to women in the investment industry

WIP Programs

WIP has initiated several enhanced programming and development initiatives.

Expanded Membership

WIP is continually working to expand our membership base to capture increased representation from women across the financial services industry including consulting firms, plan/fund sponsors, and service providers.  Increasing the membership of the organization is important to the ongoing vitality of the organization and translates into a stronger foundation for the future.  WIP currently has over 240 members representing over $22 trillion in assets.

Our membership base falls into three demographics: older, more seasoned members; experienced women in their thirties and early forties; and younger women just breaking into the business. The diverse experience ranges of our membership base are a key feature of the organization.

We would like to expand the reach of our organization nationally through partnership with other already established groups (FWA, etc.) and by tapping into women within the industry in other locations to deepen our membership pool and increase networking opportunities for our members.

Enhanced and Expanded Events

Over the last several years WIP has been able to improve the caliber of its events through the excellent network and connections of its Board members as well as through event sponsorships.  WIP has three main categories of events along with our annual fall Trailblazers dinner: Open invitation educational, Members-only educational, Professional and personal development.

Open invitation education events can be reoccurring or relate to current topics in the investment industry.  For example, every year we hold an annual economic outlook with a panel of leading industry strategists.  These events are open to members and non-members alike.

Members-only educational events are conducted in an annual series of 4 panel discussions centered around a main theme pervading the industry that year.

Professional and personal development events include both informal networking and mentoring events as well as panel discussions regarding long term career development topics. 

Our annual Fall event focuses on “women trailblazers” which showcases women who inspire others to achieve professional and personal excellence. In 2007, WIP initiated an annual award, Distinguished Woman Investment Professional, to recognize a woman from the institutional investment community who exemplifies our vision and values and who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities. The Distinguished Woman Investment Professional of the year is announced and celebrated at this event.

Community Outreach

WIP gives back to the community through its affilation with various non-profit organizations that help the underprivledge in our community.  Some organizations that WIP currently supports are Deborah's Place, Pure Eden and Opportunity International.  For the past 25 years, Deborah's place has worked to break the cycle of homelessness through compassionate, innovative, and award-winning programs.  Their dedicated volunteers and staff support women through their journeys from homelessness to permanent supportive housing with comprehensive services.  Pure Eden's mission is to empower women economically and teach employment skills that will help them determine their own economic direction.  Opportunity International provides financial products and strategies to over two million people working their way out of poverty in the developing world. Clients in more than 20 countries can use these services to expand a business, provide for their families, create jobs for their neighbors and build a safety net for the future.

WIP will continue to evaluate and consider relationships with other organizations that share a similar mission to ours and work to strengthen and support women in business.


WIP is organized to provide development and networking to its members. We are currently working to formalize a mentoring program for WIP members to provide our membership access to a network of mentors. We would like to provide our early career membership with the opportunity to link up with more seasoned professionals to forge relationships vital for career development.