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“13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do”

Mentally strong people have healthy habits. They manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that set them up for success in life. Check out these things that mentally strong people don’t do so that you too can become more mentally strong.

“The Surprising Trait That’s MUCH More Important Than IQ”

Angela Lee Duckworth

UPDATE: Angela Lee Duckworth weighs in on the outpouring of comments inspired by her talk.

"In response to just a few of the thoughtful comments... I agree that luck and talent also matter. I happen to think kids often underestimate the importance of hard work and sticking with things, but of course, hard work without any ability or good fortune doesn't yield results, either. As for success being more than good grades or accomplishment generally, I concur. I want to be a success (personally), but I also want to be honest and kind. So, it's probably more accurate to consider grit as a determinant (among others) of achievement than of any broad conception of success."

Never give up! It's more than just a platitude. In her extensive research, psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth found that more than IQ or talent or any other factor, the #1 predictor of a person's success is their unflagging commitment to a long-term goal... in other words, their grit. Find out why...

“Turns Out, We May Have Gotten the Science of Stress Completely Wrong”

Kelly McGonigal

Stop stressing about stress! Psychologist Kelly McGonigal shares new research showing that it's our thinking about stress, rather than stress itself, that affects our health. In other words, if you think stress will kill you... it just might. Find out how to make stress your friend.

“The Growing Financial Sorority”

Emily Lambert, Forbes Staff

Emily Lambert writes about the growing women in finance and mentions Women Investment Professionals.  "Financial women’s groups are trending up. It’s been 50 years since pioneers like Grace Hyslop at what’s now CME Group paved the way for women to enter the business. Now more women are trading, and more are studying business. Over the past decade, the percentage of women in the University of Chicago’s full-time Masters of Business Administration program has grown, as has the percentage of women becoming Chartered Financial Analysts."

“Staggered boards: Public companies’ directors the centerpiece of a tug of war”

Becky Yerak, Chicago Tribune reporter

Great article on staggered corporate boards featuring our own board member, Linsey Schoemehl.  Illinois State Board of Investment asking 25 firms to put their chiefs up for annual elections.